York LGBT History Month

The whole of February is LGBT History Month, York’s LGBT History Month is organised by York LGBT History Month (a registered charity) see more information below or http://yorklgbthistory.org.uk/ for more details.


A full programme of events for February 2019 can be found at http://yorklgbthistory.org.uk/events

York LGBT History Month is a registered charity that serves to increase public awareness of the place of LGBT people in history. (Side note: LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bi and trans, but we take it to include all non-normative/marginalised gender, romantic and sexual identities and intersex.)


We bring to light stories that might traditionally have been ignored, working to develop inclusivity, challenge stereotypes and promote understanding. Our programme of events provides a wide variety of ways for the public to learn about these stories, and our school outreach serves to promote the benefits of inclusion at a key stage in children’s social development.

Our constitution, linked below, sets our the aims (or “objects”) of the charity. These include:

  • increasing public awareness of LGBT identities and the accessibility of narratives that showcase them;
  • broadening public understanding of the complex nature of gender, sex, and romantic and sexual orientation;
  • countering normative assumptions with regard to gender, sex, and romantic and sexual orientation;
  • celebrating the individual and collective historical achievements of LGBT people.

We achieve these aims through such work as:

  • the coordination of a diverse and broad programme of collaboratively-organised events during LGBT History Month (February);
  • the promotion of local LGBT history events outside of LGBT History Month;
  • ongoing engagement with and support of LGBT History Month initiatives in schools.

Download constitution

What is LGBT History Month?

LGBT History Month highlights the past struggles and achievements of LGBT people, with the aim of promoting and advancing equality and diversity. In the UK, it takes place every February.

York LGBT History Month is a completely independent organisation. The national LGBT History Month campaign is run by Schools OUT UK. You can find out more, sign up for updates and buy official badges and keyrings on the national LGBT History Month website.