What We Do

The Forum ensures that the rights and interests of LGBT people are represented in York and North Yorkshire. We do this by offering support in the following areas:

Hate Crime 

If you are a victim of discrimination, harassment or hate crime because you are LGB and/or Trans we will work with you to assess your needs (in confidence) and, if we can help, contact your employer, housing provider or the Police etc. on your behalf and (again) in confidence. We also work with the local strategic groups to stop homophobic hate crime and harassment and to promote services for victims of same-sex domestic violence. If we cannot help we may be able to refer you to someone who can. Find out more the work we do click here

Health and Wellbeing

Do you need support with your mental health, are you looking for a social group. The Health & Wellbeing subgroup aims to promote equal health and well-being for LGBT people here in York. The York LGBT Forum offers some support and social groups, as well as, Yorkshire MESMAC and other organisations. Please click here for more details.


Do you need support/advice/social help? we can offer you support, we run a trans social night and workshops  Please click here for more details.


Do you need support/advice/social help? we can offer you support, we are setting up a bi social group. Please click here for more details

Schools and Young People 

The schools’ subgroup aims to source & provide access to a multitude of LGBT-related resources. We have launched our first every writing competition in schools and our future aim is to develop a training programme for school teachers. Currently, the York LGBT Forum doesn’t offer direct support but our friends at MESMAC does. Please click here for more details.

Older People

The Older People’s subgroup aims to raise awareness of older LGBT issues. We currently have a social group Ageing Without Children click here to find out more details about the group.

We also can come and meet you for a chat contact us via email: yorklgbtforum@gmail.com or ring us 01904 488870


Although our work is primarily within York and North Yorkshire, we do work internationally supporting LGBT organisation in countries which criminalise LGBT people. The International Subgroup’s aim is to campaign and improve LGBT rights across the world. Contact Sinead for more details on yorklgbtforum@gmail.com. Please click here for more details.


The Forum has developed the Free to be Me training (a government recognised training) in the workplace and in care homes. We can tailor training to the needs of organisations who wish to meet their legal obligations to LGBT people or to ensure they promote good practice. Please click here for more details.


In addition to the work we do, we also put on events/socials, please use the calendar above or click here to go to the events page.

We need support in setting up the following:

BME Subgroup
Asexual Subgroup
Disabled Subgroup
Panromantic Subgroup

Please contact us on yorklgbtforum@gmail.com or 07731 852533 if you can offer help in these areas.