Transgender Subgroup Coordinator – Lisa Kelly


Transgender Workshop

Designed to help people along their transition. The workshop includes hints and tips for almost every situation, makeup tutorials and 1to 1 make up skills with Samantha Traill from BodyShop. We have William Cox looking after transgender males and Lisa Kelly looking after transgender females. Do come along if you come under any of these categories, and also if you are questioning your gender, thinking about transitioning, or someone who dresses on a part-time basis, as there will be something of interest for you all. Leeds gender clinic may also send a representative along, but at present, I am waiting to hear confirmation. On top of all that, there is Tea/Coffee and lots of CAKE.

What the subgroup does

Lisa has been working hard to communicate by delivering talks with a number of organisations about trans issues and has regular subgroup meetings.

Lisa and the team have been campaigning hard for transgender and non-binary recognition in the City of York Council’s health and wellbeing strategies.

Lisa and the team were able to get trans issues into the Vale of York NHS Assessment.



Whilst our work is continuing in this area, we are keen to promote and share documents and resources that may be of interest.

Do you want to gain a basic understanding of trans people and their needs, then click on the image link below to open up an informative guide

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Interested in finding out more about the Protocols and Guidelines around Inter Gender Dysphoria?

Then click on the image link

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Gender Identity Research & Education Society

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Do you want to be part of this subgroup contact Lisa via