Stop Hate Crime UK

Stop Hate Crime number 0808 801 0661Stop Hate UK announce the launch of the Stop LGB and T 24hrs national helpline service – 0808 801 0661

Stop Hate UK is a national charity which was established 20 years ago; they have been providing a 24 hour helpline service in many areas of England including within your area to anyone affected by Hate Crime based on any aspect of their identity (disability, faith, gender identity, race or sexual orientation) or perceived identity since 2006.

Stop Hate UK have recently been funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to provide a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender 24 hour Hate Crime helpline, 0808 801 0661, service across England, Wales, and Scotland. Their aim is to enhance any existing services you already have locally, ensuring that anyone who experiences LGB&T Hate Crime or incidents, or witnesses a Hate Crime or incident, wherever they live, can access an independent third party;

•      To report, or receive support to report,  the crime or incident.
•      To receive immediate emotional support.
•      To receive information and advice from a team of expert Hate Crime advisors.
•      And/Or be referred to the police either anonymously or with full details for investigation.
•      And/Or be referred local support agencies such as LGB&T, housing, social care, health and legal organisations wherever appropriate.
•      To  receive follow-up telephone-based advocacy as appropriate.

Stop Hate UK will continue to provide the Stop Hate Line service within your area which can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week on 0800 1368 1625 and other methods which can be found at

Stop Learning Disability Hate Crime: 0808 802 1155

To receive FREE supplies of their 8 Ways to Report cards and/or some A4 double-sided posters to promote the service in your area, please contact or 0113 293 5100 stating the approximate numbers you would like.

Contact by post at: PO Box 484, Leeds LS7 9BZ