The schools’ subgroup aims to source & provide access to a multitude of LGBT-related resources. We have launched our first every writing competition in schools and our future aim is to develop a training programme for school teachers.

You can read a word version of our statement on Parkfield by clicking the link below

Parkfield Statement

Support for young people

Currently, the York LGBT Forum does not offer direct support for young people, however, you are very welcome to attend any of our events or social groups

Furthermore, our Friends Yorkshire MESMAC has 2 youth groups

YorQueer: LGBT Youth Group
Gender: All Genders
Age Range: 14-25
For 14-25 yrs old people who identify or questioning if they are LGBT+
Meeting fortnightly in York on a Wednesday evening for support and socialising.
Please contact Lilly on 07710 099 033 or

The Outward Bound Project

February 2016 saw the first pilot of OutWord Bound, an LGBT­themed writing competition for young people aged 11 ­ 16 in the York area, organised by the York LGBT Forum and York LGBT History Month.

We are delighted that the competition was a great success, attracting 34 entries from a range of schools across the city.

We were successfully awarded a grant of £450 from the Richard Weare Foundation. Amongst other administration and printing costs, we used the money to help fund the competition prizes.

We had two age categories for the competition ­ Key Stage 3 (school years 7, 8 and 9 and Key Stage 4 (school years 10 and 11). For both categories we offered our winners a choice from the following:­

  • 1st Prize ­ £50 vouchers for the winner to choose from Love2Shop, Restaurant Choice, City Screen or iTunes.
  • 2nd Prize ­ £30 vouchers from the above
  • 3rd Prize ­ £20 vouchers from the above.

In March, our dedicated group of Judges from across the city volunteered their time to help judge the entries. A thank you must be given to our judges who really helped provide the critical backbone to the competition. A special thank you to:­

Fiona Thompson ­ Dean of the Faculty of Arts at York St John University Fiona Williams ­ York Explore

Liam Wilkinson ­ York Explore

William Cox ­ Trans Advocate

John Rimmer ­ LGBT Forum Member

A special thank you should also be given to Aviva for allowing us to host the Award Ceremony at their HQ building in the centre of York. The event was a real celebratory success with a special keynote speech delivered by Professor Paul Johnson of the University of York who’s thought provoking and critical analysis of the entries reinforced the message that whilst there’s still a significant amount of work to do with our young people, there’s hope and light that we are moving from a feeling of ‘tolerance’ and greatly towards ‘acceptance’.

As part of the competition, we also successfully donated our second book copy to all schools in York. Our chosen book for 2016 was ‘This Book is Gay’ by James Dawson.

Winning Entry

NO it’s Not

(Anon, aged 13)

“It’s a boy” No it’s not Noyou’renot

You knew from that moment,

It wasn’t right

Youweren’t right

Then they dressed you in blue, green anything but pink

It felt so wrong

Youfelt so wrong

You knew before you learnt to walk

It felt strange

Youfelt strange

They didn’t have a name for it then

It was unknown

Youwere unknown

God made no mistakes, they said

They thought it was wrong

They thought youwere wrong

It was never mentioned, never an option It had gone unnoticed

Youhad gone unnoticed

And yet you noticed, you knew

You tried to ignore it

You tried to ignore you

When ‘dude’ and ‘man’ were commonplace It was hurting you

Youwere hurting you

When you finally told someone, your closest friend He didn’t get it

He didn’t get you

“Are you sure you’re not just gay” That’s not what it is

That’s not what youare

Then you left, you couldn’t cope

No one would ever see it

No one would ever see you

By the next day, he had told everyone They laughed about it

They laughed about you

“Trannie, you’re a trannie”

It was their entertainment

Youwere their entertainment

When you locked yourself away

There were rumours about it

There were rumours about you

Picking up the knife you thought

They don’t want it in their lives

They don’t want youin their lives

But how wrong you were, staring into the abyss They would learn what it is

They would learn what youare

As they came rushing into the room, screaming at the sight It turned into a blessing

Youturned into a blessing

From that moment on, you were valued

People started to understand it

People started to understand you

When you said it out loud for the first time

It felt right

You felt right

“This is my daughter.” “This is my sister.” Yes it is

Yes you are

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Our 4 guiding principles

1. To work in partnership with local schools in a drive to stamp out homophobic bullying. We will listen to the needs of schools and where we can, we will advise and support accordingly.

2. To support the work of the YorkOK Workforce.

3. To provide access to a range of LGBT resources available online and offline.

4. Build up a network base of similar organisations / groups and initiatives both local, regional and national.  For example, learn more about the work of the LGBT Youth York group, reach out and engage with regional LGBT Forum groups and make best use of the culturally rich diverse Student population we have at our fingertips here in York.

Schools subgroup aims

The schools subgroup aims to source & provide access to a multitude of LGBT related resources. Whilst our resource bank is open and available to all, our hope is that the following groups in particular will benefit from the resources available:-

  • LGBT people
  • Schools
  • Parents of LGBT people
  • Groups
  • Agencies
  • The wider community

The group are keen to provide a consultation mechanism and support network to schools and other agencies to help tackle common issues.

Through making our resources available to all, we aim to enhance the health, well being, confidence and self esteem of LGBT people. For non LGBT people, our aim is to raise awareness and make for a more informed society when it comes to the current issues affecting the LGBT community.

The Forum is working in partnership with a number of local organisations all of whom are passionate and committed to helping deliver positive change for schools. We have completed 3 projects including donating 2 LGBT themed books to all secondary schools in York and we have just completed our first writing competition.

If you want to learn more about the work already underway within Schools across the country, then click on the image and links below…

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Contact Hannah for more details: