Older People

Older People subgroup coordinator: Sue Lister


The Older People’s subgroup aims to raise awareness of older LGBT issues. We created Free to be Me for care homes and in the workplace and have been successfully providing this LGBT awareness training in North and West Yorkshire since January 2016. Bookings invited: ring Sue on 01904 488870.

 We also work with Ageing Without Children click here to find out more details about the group.

 If you’d like to chat, please contact us via email: yorklgbtforum@gmail.com or ring Sue on 01904 488870


We currently share/liaise with a social group Ageing Without Children click here to find out more details about the group.

We also can also come and meet you for a chat contact us via email: yorklgbtforum@gmail.com or ring us 01904 488870


We offer training called Free to be Me to care staff and in the workplace. Click here to find out more details about the training.

Our Aim 

How to live and love with dignity and respect until we die, free of prejudice and stigma, as equal partners, equal participants and equal contributors to all groups and cultures in our society.

We have developed the Free to be Me training aimed at people working in care homes and this has been furthered developed for Free to be Me in the workplace and we run a self-support group for people ageing without children.

Please join us to make a better life for all of us, now and in the future.

Change rests in our hands.

Our Challenge

1. Key areas such as
  • isolation and loneliness in old age which is particularly acute for LGBT people
  • depression and mental health issues
  • alcohol and drug abuse, smoking and poor diet
2. Care Home concerns
  • older LGBT people in care usually return to the closet
  • homophobia amongst staff & residents based on historical, social and religious prejudice
3. Home Care AgenciesPicture of Sue and Anne
  • how to ensure that personal care preferences are respected
  • how to protect against prejudice from care staff in your own home
4. End of Life Planning
  • who can help if you are estranged from your family, have lost close friends and have been abandoned by the church and the younger LGBT community
  • dignity in dying; how to plan ahead and deal with the fear of dying with AIDS, cancer, dementia or….

We have started to act

  1. By gathering research and establishing links with organisations such as Age UK, Older Citizens Advocacy (OCAY), Stonewall, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, OLGA (Older Lesbian Gay Bi and Trans Association), Equity Partnership, the York Human Rights City Project, and Dementia without Walls.
  2. By developing our skills with a view to working with care providers, staff and volunteers and helping to raise awareness of older LGBT issues.

Recent Activities

Sue Lister attended an Open Clasp Conference in Newcastle at the end of October.  You can read more about how the day went here

Open Clasp Conference Review

How can you help? 

There is much that we could do. All ideas welcome! Why not join us for a bi-monthly meeting so we can make progress towards equality, no matter how old we may be.

Phone Sue Lister, subgroup coordinator, to discuss possibilities:
01904 488870

or alternatively contact Sue via email