Hate Crime

Hate Crime Subgroup Coordinator: Quinn Brown

Help and Support

Advice and Information

What is a Hate Crime?

A hate crime can take many forms including:

Physical attacks – such as physical assault, damage to property, offensive graffiti, neighbourhood disputes and arson.

Threat of attack – including offensive letters, abusive or obscene telephone calls, groups hanging around to intimidate and unfounded malicious complaints

Verbal abuse or insults – including offensive letters and posters, abusive gestures, and bullying at school or in the workplace.

Any information you give us is valuable, it enables us to identify areas of concern, patterns of behaviour and could lead to the prosecution of offenders.

A hate crime is any criminal offence committed against a person or property that is motivated by an offenders hatred of someone because of their:


Gender or gender identity

Sexual orientation


If you need support:

Stop Hate UK announce the launch of the
Stop LGB and T 24hrs national helpline service – 0808 801 0661

Stop Hate Crime number 0808 801 0661

Stop Hate UK is a national charity which was established 20 years ago; they have been providing a 24 hour helpline service in many areas of England including within your area to anyone affected by Hate Crime based on any aspect of their identity (disability, faith, gender identity, race or sexual orientation) or perceived identity since 2006.

LGBT Police Officers who you can rely on

We have new experienced LGBT police officers (who two identify as LGBT) contact them directly if you have experienced hate crime Stuart Henderson and Michelle Falkingham


North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner  have produced a report on LGBT hate crimes.




What the subgroup does

The subgroup has been set up to raise awareness and offer support to people who have suffered a hate crime because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. 

We work closely with the police and offer them LGBT training and run campaigns during hate crime awareness week.

Contact Quinn
via yorklgbtforum@gmail.com for more details and to volunteer with us.