CPS Hate Crime Schools Launch

At the end of May, our very own Jen Gagg attended the CPS Hate Crime Schools Launch in London.
Here’s what Jen had to say following the event – 

Today was the launch of the new resource toolkit for schools.  The toolkit aims to tackle homophobia and transphobia in schools.

The day started with a warm welcome from Peter Lewis the Chief Executive of the CPS (Crime Prosecution Service).   We listened to a number of people throughout the day but the two speakers who stood out for me were Joshua Garfield of Proud London whose talk was entitled ‘Taking Part’ and Jay Stewart, co-founder of Gender Intelligence.

All the speakers spoke about what is just, fair, safe and decent.

Many schoolchildren sadly suffer in silence.

According to Superintendent Paul Giannasi, there are 3 key heading areas that we should focus on:-

1. Prevention
2. Responding
3. Educating

School life can be a hostile place and we should not be bystanders.

Youth Trans did a project and out of 7000 16-25 year olds, 1000 were identified as Trans.  72% of those self harm and cyber bullying in particular is on the increase.  The message was clear – much more needs to be done!

LGB & T students don’t want to be tolerated, they want to be celebrated and loved.

Another stark message struck a chord and was most definitely loud and clear;

Challenge It, Report It, Stop It!
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This new resource toolkit will give support to many in raising awareness but making sure that people know about it will be the challenge!

We can spread that message, let’s start today!

You can download a copy of the toolkit from the True Vision website under Education Support.

Thanks for reading,