Welcome to the York LGBT Forum

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LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. We use the term LGBT to include all other minority sexual orientations and gender identity groups who identify with the LGBT community (e.g asexual, intersex, panromantic).

We are a registered charity
Registered Charity Number: 1162234

The York LGBT Forum is a charity and we can only do our work with help from donations. Please donate below or consider fundraising for us.

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General Data Protection Regulation.
Did you know that the data protection regulation is changing? We are engaging with the process and you will see some changes on the website in the near future

A LGBT Health and Wellbeing Survey for York
Please find a link to the survey:https://www.healthwatchyork.co.uk/consultation/lgbt-survey/
and a video promoting it!

Volunteering Opportunities

We are pleased to announce that we have obtained funding to develop awareness training in schools.  To do this, we require some volunteers to develop the training and deliver it.  As usual, for more information and to volunteer please email yorklgbtforum@gmail.com. Check here for more volunteering opportunities: https://yorklgbtforum.org.uk/volunteer-with-us/

The Funds Keep Coming

Hate Crime


We have been successful with funding from the Police Property Fund to support our hate crime work. We are looking for creative volunteers to help with the hate crime project as we are making memes!

Schools and Young People


We have been successful with funding from Youth Social Action Fund we shall be delivering LGBT awareness training in schools and establishing a regular reading group.


Big Lottery Funding 2017-2018

We have exciting news. We have been successful with big lottery funding! meaning we can expand our mental health work.

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Reflections on being a Lord Mayor Charity of the Year 2016 – 2017 

Being a Lord Mayor Charity of the Year has been a great honour. It has given us experience in fundraising. We have gained much publicity to an audience who do not know of our work. We have become very close to the other three charities and are developing joint projects with them.

York Racial Equality Network – working together on hate crime and Black Minority Ethnic LGBT people

St Nicks – Human Rights Garden

York Civic Trust – LGBT Plaques

We have done amazingly well for a small team. Thank you to all who have volunteered and attended events 

Our Aims are:

1. To promote equality and diversity for the public benefit by:

– The elimination of discrimination in relation to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer, questioning (LGBT) and allies and associates living within the city of York and its environs;

– Challenging homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, or any associated negative attitudes and behaviour within society;

– Working with partners and organisations, public and private, in developing initiatives that will enhance and safeguard LGBT people’s lives, ensuring their inclusion in all aspects of life, and that their human rights are protected; and by

– Advancing education, raising awareness and promoting a culture based on equality and diversity.

2. To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer, questioning people (LGBT) and allies and associates from being socially excluded from society on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity; and

3. To further any other purpose which is charitable according to the law of England and Wales for the public benefit as the trustees see fit from time to time.

These aims and objectives are achieved in a number of ways, including through casework, advocacy, policy and advisory work, mapping local crime analysis, training, projects, outreach and through schools and education.

The Forum believes that where barriers exist, there is inequality!

The diversity within the LGBT community enriches all aspects of life and should be encouraged and promoted. This is why the York LGBT Forum strives to improve the social inclusion of LGBT people in the area.

The Forum actively promotes awareness and understanding of LGBT people’s needs to enable full participation in society and works with many others to reduce the fear of crime and bullying, particularly in schools. It also encourages greater participation in the prevention and detection of homophobic, transphobic and biphobic discrimination.